Saturday, June 20, 2009

RUC, the car with fuel water

London: The water has been predicted to be capable of fuel alternatives. Now drive the car fuel of the water is not simply a dream. A light car with hydrogen fuel to experiment inaugural street race in London on Thursday (18 / 6) ago. Experiment the car, called Riversimple Urban Car (RUC) is in progress smoothly.

The car with two passengers, including driver. As the Daily Mail quoted, with full water tank on the RUC is able to travel 386 km without recharge. In fact, RUC spokesman said, if this car can devour a maximum distance of 482 km.

With a total weight of only 350 kilograms, the RUC is designed as a compact urban car. Designed by Alan Docking Racing at Silverstone, the car can be produced in the year 2013.

For the initial stage, the project will take the ten car, to assigned to a number of cities in England. System of marketing the car quite unique. Unlike other cars, RUC not sold. This environment-friendly cars rented with 200 Poundsterling.

Unlike fossil fuels that produce energy from the combustion process. Hydrogen energy that has a large ekplosif produce gas with a chemical reaction that is converted into electrical energy. Energy is then flowed to the four electric motors, each of which had the duty of each wheel.
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