Monday, June 22, 2009

SkyBike, Flying bike in the future

California: You will surely great surprise with the progress of technology. Recently, Samson Motorwork introduced, SkyBike, three-wheel motorcycle that can fly with wings fold automatically.

This vehicle has a wing-shaped clips that can be folded. Wing is easy to inflate with time akan terbang. According to the author, SkyBike made to meet the increased demand that will be the car that can fly the plane and can be used on the road.

This vehicle is the second version of the motor company's automotive production aircraft Samson Motorworks which have in California, the United States. Model previously only able to be supported telescopic wing.

Wing design this new model is lighter than 90 kilograms the previous model. In addition, the cockpit space so relieved and better treatment so more sparingly. This latest model is also very sporty with a place to sit side by side. Landing speed was lower.

This futuristic car models inspired from Ferrari. While the price up to now still be concealed. However, Samson expects next year to introduce a version of this vehicle can only be used on land. (AND/wheels24)

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