Wednesday, July 1, 2009

News, When the brain waves move the wheel

Tokyo: Japan original car manufacturer, Toyota Motor Corporation, at the wheel this car is driven with brain waves. This column does not create a manageable with conventional hand. Toyota claims the system is the invention of the fastest in the world in the ability to analyze brain waves. Such representations Toyota, as reported Associated Press, Monday (29 / 6).

Later the driver who sits akan impose similar headgear that is able to read signals that the brain is released. Signal is then delivered to the engine will brain electroencephalograph (EEG), which will then be analyzed in a computer program. This system will make someone able to run the column to the right, left and front quickly automatically. Even to stop only a blow cheek.

Rival Toyota, Honda Motor Corporation, also has developed a technology that is capable of connecting with the brain waves of movement mechanics. This year, Honda will show a video that shows a picture of someone the middle put on helmets. With the helmet, he can move the robot Asimo, which has been previously programmed response to brain signals, to the left and right.

However, both Toyota and Honda have not yet explain the exact time the product will be released to the market. So, be patient.

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