Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chrysler and Fiat Create giant World Cars

Minister of Industry Canada, Wednesday, welcomed the merger between Chrysler and Fiat to create a new global car giant after the Supreme Court of the United States to explain how they are merging.

Ottawa, 11 / 6 (AutomotiveRoll) - Minister of Industry Canada Wednesday welcomed the merger between Chrysler and Fiat to create a new global car giant after the Supreme Court of the United States to explain how they are merging.

"The Government of Canada is confident that we will see the competitiveness of Chrysler Canada Inc. That will produce and sell cars made in Canada and will continue to play an important role in Central America operating company," said Industry Minister Tony Clement in a statement, as quoted from AFP.

"Restructuring Chrysler is good news for the supply chain of spare parts to Canada and the Canadian consumer,` he said.

"The company can now focus on the production of high quality vehicles that customers want."

In a letter to the workers Chrysler, Fiat chief executive Sergio Marchionne said that Fiat and Chrysler have been combined ranked as the sixth largest car industry of the world.

Ottawa to allocate 22.4 billion U.S. dollars for Chrysler in April to assist the restructuring process is different. (Ant)
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Long-awaited, Land Cruiser launched in India

SUV already survived more than half a century and a world reputation, Toyota Land Cruiser finally launched in India. This is one of the most awaited model-waiting in the subcontinent.

(AutomotiveRoll) - Toyota Kirloskar Motor launched its latest generation of premium SUVs on the Tuesday (9 / 6). Using a 4.5 liter V8 engine that can produce diesel with torsi giant 286ps, 650Nm, which is managed gearbox 6-speed automatic transmission to the wheels before. This SUV is equipped with four-wheel drive system and the latest technologies and of course comfort features.

These features are offered including the Crawl Control System, Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System, Hill Assist Control, and Multi-Terrain ABS system. This helps Land Cruiser go where only the top surface of the earth, there is still over land.

Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System provides stability on the road and exploration capabilities in off-road terrain. Crawl Control System manages the harmonious brake and engine power so that the car can crawl on the surface of various types of rock. Multi-Terrain ABS continuously monitors the engine and speed putara car and adjust the tolerance limit of the wheels may slip after the road surface. Hill Assist Control enables the driver and the car with the rise in mulus.

Of course, convenience become important factors. Therefore, passengers are pampered with 14 speakers from JBL, 4-zone AC with 28 outlets, and 6 DVDs. Safety for passengers is the price that can not be ditawar. There are 10 air bags that protect all passengers in the cabin, Active Traction Control, which keeps the car stability, as well as Clearance and Back Sonar help when the curve or back.

As quoted from the official site Toyota Astra motor Vikram Kirloskar, vice-chairman, Toyota Kirloskar Motor said: "Land Cruiser in akui globally as the peak driving experience a combination of luxury and interior / exterior and features abundant comfort."

With the presence of Land Cruiser, consumers now have an alternative to India for a new SUV brands Germany. Land Cruiser already serve more than 50 years and sold more than 5 million units worldwide. (www.toyota.co.id)
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Rolls-Royce Ghost Many customers

London: Company car luxury home England Rolls-Royce has received about 1,500 orders a car "Ghost." Cars will soon be launched this year. However, until now have not known of the car. "More than 10,000 people have expressed interest. However, about 15 percent that really want," Chief Executive Rolls-Royce Tom Purves, recently.

To Reuters, Tom adds serious interest is defined by giving a deposit. Ghost will be sold together with the existing model of Phantom. However, the company that is owned by BMW of Germany does not assert this will unveil the car until September.

Rolls Royce Phantom to record sales of 1200 vehicles in 2008. Tom says sales this year because of a tendency to decrease the influence of global economic crisis.
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