Sunday, June 28, 2009

Toyota Planning, Production Fuel Cell Car

Tokyo: Japanese car manufacturer, Toyota Motor, plans will be issued a car equipped with a fuel cell in 2015 to come. Toyota President Masatami Takimoto explained, Tuesday (23 / 6), this was done as an effort to encourage Toyota to be in the forefront of manufacturers produce greener cars.

Fuel cell technology is seen as a quick solution to reduce carbon dioxide emissions are increasing. Energy produced this technology is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen form the substance and the rest water. During this time the manufacturer to concentrate more on the development of a battery driven car. For fuel cell technology is still considered expensive and not economical. This contention appears because it is still difficult to store hydrogen so that the car can go like a normal car.

Although expensive, in 2002, Toyota has issued a product of fuel cell car fuel is a limited market for Japan and the United States.

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