Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nissan immediately selling hybrid car

Yokohama: hybrid car at this time has become the main target of the automotive industry. Nissan Motor also do not want to lag. The third largest automotive company in Japan is planning a mass produced electric vehicles in the upcoming year 2012.

Nissan says, will release the first electric vehicle in Japan on 2 August and start selling next year. "We move forward with the zero emissions vehicle," said Nissan Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn.

Nissan will sell electric cars first in Japan and the United States (U.S.) after April 2010. Later, they will mass produce and market the car globally in 2012.

Along with the production in Japan and Europe, Ghosn said, Nissan will make electric vehicles in the U.S. in Smirna Tennessee. Factory has a production capacity of more than 100 thousand units per year.

On Tuesday (23 / 6), Nissan received a loan from the U.S. government worth US$ 2.1 billion, to build a green car partnership. Nissan will use the US$ 1.6 billion to equip the manufacturer in Smirna dan 465 million U.S. dollars to build electric trains in California. "U.S. will become a very important market, he said

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