Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nissan immediately selling hybrid car

Yokohama: hybrid car at this time has become the main target of the automotive industry. Nissan Motor also do not want to lag. The third largest automotive company in Japan is planning a mass produced electric vehicles in the upcoming year 2012.

Nissan says, will release the first electric vehicle in Japan on 2 August and start selling next year. "We move forward with the zero emissions vehicle," said Nissan Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn.

Nissan will sell electric cars first in Japan and the United States (U.S.) after April 2010. Later, they will mass produce and market the car globally in 2012.

Along with the production in Japan and Europe, Ghosn said, Nissan will make electric vehicles in the U.S. in Smirna Tennessee. Factory has a production capacity of more than 100 thousand units per year.

On Tuesday (23 / 6), Nissan received a loan from the U.S. government worth US$ 2.1 billion, to build a green car partnership. Nissan will use the US$ 1.6 billion to equip the manufacturer in Smirna dan 465 million U.S. dollars to build electric trains in California. "U.S. will become a very important market, he said
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Toyota Planning, Production Fuel Cell Car

Tokyo: Japanese car manufacturer, Toyota Motor, plans will be issued a car equipped with a fuel cell in 2015 to come. Toyota President Masatami Takimoto explained, Tuesday (23 / 6), this was done as an effort to encourage Toyota to be in the forefront of manufacturers produce greener cars.

Fuel cell technology is seen as a quick solution to reduce carbon dioxide emissions are increasing. Energy produced this technology is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen form the substance and the rest water. During this time the manufacturer to concentrate more on the development of a battery driven car. For fuel cell technology is still considered expensive and not economical. This contention appears because it is still difficult to store hydrogen so that the car can go like a normal car.

Although expensive, in 2002, Toyota has issued a product of fuel cell car fuel is a limited market for Japan and the United States.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SuperSkin Helmet for biker

Brussels: Although there is no magic way to prevent accidents on the road. However, people always perfect security factors driving the progress of technology. For motorcycle rider, recently created a new type of helmet. SuperSkin, a helmet LAZER enhanced, using technology Philips Head Protection System (PHPS). This one technology, applied to reduce the risk of significant head injury.

Strength of the helmet has been tested by a laboratory at the University Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg, France. Aimed to test the ability to know the maximum SuperSkin helmets protect the head in the driver motor.

Tests proved that the risk of SuperSkin of 67.5%. Ability is a very positive result, at the helm are producers incentive to improve security standards. (AND /
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Monday, June 22, 2009

SkyBike, Flying bike in the future

California: You will surely great surprise with the progress of technology. Recently, Samson Motorwork introduced, SkyBike, three-wheel motorcycle that can fly with wings fold automatically.

This vehicle has a wing-shaped clips that can be folded. Wing is easy to inflate with time akan terbang. According to the author, SkyBike made to meet the increased demand that will be the car that can fly the plane and can be used on the road.

This vehicle is the second version of the motor company's automotive production aircraft Samson Motorworks which have in California, the United States. Model previously only able to be supported telescopic wing.

Wing design this new model is lighter than 90 kilograms the previous model. In addition, the cockpit space so relieved and better treatment so more sparingly. This latest model is also very sporty with a place to sit side by side. Landing speed was lower.

This futuristic car models inspired from Ferrari. While the price up to now still be concealed. However, Samson expects next year to introduce a version of this vehicle can only be used on land. (AND/wheels24)
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

RUC, the car with fuel water

London: The water has been predicted to be capable of fuel alternatives. Now drive the car fuel of the water is not simply a dream. A light car with hydrogen fuel to experiment inaugural street race in London on Thursday (18 / 6) ago. Experiment the car, called Riversimple Urban Car (RUC) is in progress smoothly.

The car with two passengers, including driver. As the Daily Mail quoted, with full water tank on the RUC is able to travel 386 km without recharge. In fact, RUC spokesman said, if this car can devour a maximum distance of 482 km.

With a total weight of only 350 kilograms, the RUC is designed as a compact urban car. Designed by Alan Docking Racing at Silverstone, the car can be produced in the year 2013.

For the initial stage, the project will take the ten car, to assigned to a number of cities in England. System of marketing the car quite unique. Unlike other cars, RUC not sold. This environment-friendly cars rented with 200 Poundsterling.

Unlike fossil fuels that produce energy from the combustion process. Hydrogen energy that has a large ekplosif produce gas with a chemical reaction that is converted into electrical energy. Energy is then flowed to the four electric motors, each of which had the duty of each wheel.
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Friday, June 19, 2009

Honda Insight 2010 Competitor of Prius 2009

Tokyo: Honda car manufacturer eventually participate in the hybrid vehicle business. With only install the power source in hybrid car according to the usual Honda is not interesting. If the car you want to serious business in hybrid car, the better the view, if the vehicle will be thrown to the consumer must also be seen about the identity of the hybrid car. Significantly, Honda All New Insight can be duplicates of the first hybrid Toyota Prius in 2009.

2010 Honda Insight has a dimension smaller Prius instead. Indeed, it has no added value so important. For example, the cabin space is limited. However, the weight of the vehicle into a little added value, drivers can control the car more sprightly.

Nevertheless, the features of safety standards remains. In addition, the navigation system can be arranged and has bluetooth capability. This also can be seen with the equipment of the seven teeth is made in the acceleration and constant variable automatic transmission (CVT).

Honda Insight directly compete with the new Toyota Prius in 2009. However, both characters have a different engine. A simple example, the difference in fuel consumption for the Insight in and out of town 40/43 miles per gallon. While the Prius has a more sigifikan value, ie, more economical 48/45 miles per gallon. Honda seems to remain confident the car will sell fast, but simple.

Competition may want to do that Honda is in terms of price. With the Insight was launched, customers were given the option between the two cars using hybrid technology that is almost the same. How not, banderole Insight 2010 only U $ 19,800, compare with the Prius in 2099 that cost U $ 23,375.

Insight in the present configuration in 2010: four-door, five-passenger seating. One source of energy available: the combination of the 1.3 liter engine, 88 horsepower, combined with the four-cylinder gasoline engine and parallel electric wall 10 kilowatt, 13 horsepower, and direct electric current (DC). Locomotion in the front wheels through a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). Two of the three models offered, the acceleration of the wheels have managed computer, with a seven-speed transmission and manual gear simulation. Basic model with standard CVT is very efficient and competent. (ANS / NewCarTestDrive / Yahoo!)
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Rossi replica bike, on sale soon

London: You fans of Valentino Rossi? Even you want to use a motorcycle race owned Rossi? Not to worry, briefly, the intention that you will fulfilled. Upcoming month of July, immediately Yamaha, sell replica motor Valentino Rossi, YZF-R125. However, the sale of motor is only limited in England.

Rossi replica bike, this model of composition and color exactly, with the Fiat Yamaha YZR-M1, which is always used the MotoGP world champion. Currently, the price has not been determined but will be announced Yamaha England at the time of launch. But there is leakage, it is estimated that motor akan dijual 2999 Pounds Sterling.

YZR-M1 strength including motor 800 cc, Yamaha developed for MotoGP racing. Motor is a development of Yamaha YZR500. (Motorcyclenews)
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chrysler and Fiat Create giant World Cars

Minister of Industry Canada, Wednesday, welcomed the merger between Chrysler and Fiat to create a new global car giant after the Supreme Court of the United States to explain how they are merging.

Ottawa, 11 / 6 (AutomotiveRoll) - Minister of Industry Canada Wednesday welcomed the merger between Chrysler and Fiat to create a new global car giant after the Supreme Court of the United States to explain how they are merging.

"The Government of Canada is confident that we will see the competitiveness of Chrysler Canada Inc. That will produce and sell cars made in Canada and will continue to play an important role in Central America operating company," said Industry Minister Tony Clement in a statement, as quoted from AFP.

"Restructuring Chrysler is good news for the supply chain of spare parts to Canada and the Canadian consumer,` he said.

"The company can now focus on the production of high quality vehicles that customers want."

In a letter to the workers Chrysler, Fiat chief executive Sergio Marchionne said that Fiat and Chrysler have been combined ranked as the sixth largest car industry of the world.

Ottawa to allocate 22.4 billion U.S. dollars for Chrysler in April to assist the restructuring process is different. (Ant)
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Long-awaited, Land Cruiser launched in India

SUV already survived more than half a century and a world reputation, Toyota Land Cruiser finally launched in India. This is one of the most awaited model-waiting in the subcontinent.

(AutomotiveRoll) - Toyota Kirloskar Motor launched its latest generation of premium SUVs on the Tuesday (9 / 6). Using a 4.5 liter V8 engine that can produce diesel with torsi giant 286ps, 650Nm, which is managed gearbox 6-speed automatic transmission to the wheels before. This SUV is equipped with four-wheel drive system and the latest technologies and of course comfort features.

These features are offered including the Crawl Control System, Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System, Hill Assist Control, and Multi-Terrain ABS system. This helps Land Cruiser go where only the top surface of the earth, there is still over land.

Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System provides stability on the road and exploration capabilities in off-road terrain. Crawl Control System manages the harmonious brake and engine power so that the car can crawl on the surface of various types of rock. Multi-Terrain ABS continuously monitors the engine and speed putara car and adjust the tolerance limit of the wheels may slip after the road surface. Hill Assist Control enables the driver and the car with the rise in mulus.

Of course, convenience become important factors. Therefore, passengers are pampered with 14 speakers from JBL, 4-zone AC with 28 outlets, and 6 DVDs. Safety for passengers is the price that can not be ditawar. There are 10 air bags that protect all passengers in the cabin, Active Traction Control, which keeps the car stability, as well as Clearance and Back Sonar help when the curve or back.

As quoted from the official site Toyota Astra motor Vikram Kirloskar, vice-chairman, Toyota Kirloskar Motor said: "Land Cruiser in akui globally as the peak driving experience a combination of luxury and interior / exterior and features abundant comfort."

With the presence of Land Cruiser, consumers now have an alternative to India for a new SUV brands Germany. Land Cruiser already serve more than 50 years and sold more than 5 million units worldwide. (
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Rolls-Royce Ghost Many customers

London: Company car luxury home England Rolls-Royce has received about 1,500 orders a car "Ghost." Cars will soon be launched this year. However, until now have not known of the car. "More than 10,000 people have expressed interest. However, about 15 percent that really want," Chief Executive Rolls-Royce Tom Purves, recently.

To Reuters, Tom adds serious interest is defined by giving a deposit. Ghost will be sold together with the existing model of Phantom. However, the company that is owned by BMW of Germany does not assert this will unveil the car until September.

Rolls Royce Phantom to record sales of 1200 vehicles in 2008. Tom says sales this year because of a tendency to decrease the influence of global economic crisis.
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

SUV Super from Stuttgart

Stuttgart: GEMBALLA Automobiltechnik GmbH & Co.KG developed a super car for the family with the basic concept sport utility vehicle (SUV). The result, called a super SUV Gemballa Tornado GTS 750.

Development results, the car factory in Leonberg, near Stuttgart, Germany is very strong and sporty. Only a few visible differences between the Gemballa Tornado GTS 750 with the car Porsche Cayenne Turbo. Model is not much different from the primary Porsche product. Can be spelled out, target those who want to reach engineers in GEMBALLA want to dismiss the impression conventional SUVs and more to the sport with the strength of the car 750 horse power.

This is done to meet the market demand that requires a car with sport performance you a cabin with a roomy size SUV the withdrawal. For 25 years of experience producing products with innovative capital base car Porsche sport help develop the car. This car sold for 400 thousand Euro. (AND)
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Specification sophisticated Sixth Generation Z Series

NISSAN FairLady renowned as one of the sport car with good ability. Nissan also always upgrade the product. Original Japanese manufacturer Nissan 307z is issued as a successor. This car is a sixth generation of the property Nissan Z series.

Nissan 307z announced on 2 February. Cars that released its plan to market price in the range GBP 26,895 (approximately Rp 436 million). Not without reason if Nissan put the price at that. The car also dijuluki z FairLady indeed have sophisticated specifications.

Some of the advantages is the Nissan 307z with audio sound prime, automatic xenon front lights, airbag, and bluetooth for handsfree phone connection. Nissan 307z released in two variants, edition of sport and navigation.

Edition sport variant is designed in two types. That is, the type and regular touring. If you choose the type of touring, will get a set of tools specific to travel far in the car.

Special devices such as seat bertipe car racing. There are also 8-speaker Bose audio system for the sense of drowsiness. Integrated XM satellite radio also. Velg sized 18-inch integrated car at Nissan. Velg with the size of that, no wonder if 307z sport car labeled as elegant.

Nissan 307z with a machine-type 3.7 liter VVEL (variable valve event and lift). This machine is able to improve lap 331 PS and 366 Nm. This machine is also used Infiniti G37 coupe. Function, providing additional power to 7500 rpm. Interested? This new Nissan will be issued in the July future.

Sport edition has been equipped with special specifications. Among other things, ban measuring 19 inches to show the sporty impression. Tire manufacturer Bridgestone is selected.

Views inverted proportionate obtained when selecting Nissan 307z edition Navigation Package. In accordance with the type, this type of computer equipped with a sail touch output XM NavTraffic. Computer is equipped with real time traffic information.
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Mercedes Develop External airbag

London: AirBag assessed at this time was sufficient to protect the head, chest, knee and passenger cars. However, the current Mercedes-Benz has developed an external airbag. Airbag is placed in the front of the car. Later, as the airbag is enabled anchors on the surface so that the road speed braking.

As The Telegraph made recently, braking system with the airbag, and can be installed in all new generation of Mercedes in the last seven years. Currently, the system is being tested in the Mercedes S-Class hybrid-based ESV (experimental vehicle security) in 2009.

This program can only work during the emergency braking cause collision with the vehicle or obstruction in front of the car. Cars will be protected by aluminum, and rubber that act as a carbon fiber shield. Airbag will increase the maximum 1g of braking on a dry surface to about 2g, so to prevent a severe accident.
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mitsubishi immediate release Hybrid Cars

Upcoming month of July, Mitsubishi Motors will release hybrid car products, on the market. Cars that are named i-MiEV in will begin selling in Japan in July. Mitsubishi also plans to sell this product in the global market, including the United States (U.S.) and China.

Small-sized car that will not remove the carbon dioxide the withdrawal cars in general. Power the car is supported entirely by lithium ion battery pack and 300V wall 16kWh. If the battery is full, the vehicle is able to cover 160 kilometers distance.

The battery can be charged through the electrical network in the house. For 110V power supply capacity will take approximately 12-14 minutes. If using a 220V, it only takes half.

Reuters reported the I-MiEV is sold with the price of 47,500 U.S. dollars. Mitsubishi is able to target to sell 1400 units in Japan until March 31 2010.
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Cars in the list following not only have the official price is high. Four-wheeled vehicle is also able to go fast in a flash. Following list of cars such as super fast written.

1. SSC Ultimate Aero
This type of car has a maximum speed of 257 miles per hour (mph) or 441 kilometers per hour. SSC Ultimate Aero is able to reach 60 mph from stop position within 2.7 seconds. Cars worth U.S. $ 654,400 plant this Twin-Turbo V8 with 1183 horse power (HP). The first time in a test in March 2007 by Guinness World Records. The record car Bugatti Veyron as the fastest car in the world at that time.

2. Bugatti Veyron
Cars with the futuristic design of this maximum speed 253 mph (404 km / hr). Speeds reached 60 mph in 2.5 seconds, Narrow Angle W16 engine with 1001 Hp. With the selling price of U.S. $ 1.7 million.

3. Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo
Cars in this third sequence is able to go up to 248 mph (396 km / hr). Speed of 60 mph in 3.2 seconds, and motorized Twin Turbo V8 with 750 Hp. Car dibanderol U.S. $ 555 thousand. Flight is smooth, but obdurate make users always want to show.

4. Koenigsegg CCX
This type of car can go up to 245 mph (400 km / hr). From the position of the still, the speed reached 60 mph in 3.2 seconds. Koenigsegg CCX motorized 90 Degree V8 806 Hp artificial Sweden. The selling price of U.S. $ 545,568. Cars made in Sweden to reach this aim as a pre-eminent in the world's fastest car, but still must overcome the Bugatti and Ultimate Aero.

5. Mclaren F1
Mclaren F1 maximum speed 240 mph (384 km / hr). Speed from 0 mph to 60 MPH in 3.2 seconds achieved. Mclaren F1 motorized BMW S70 / 2 60 Degree V12 with 627 HP. The selling price of U.S. $ 970 thousand, or about Rp 9 billion. When observed, the door of the car look like bat wings.

6. Ferrari enzo
This car has a top speed 217 mph (347 km / hr). 0-60 mph speed be 3.4 seconds in time. Motorized enzo Ferrari F140 Aluminum V12 with 660 HP. The price of U.S. $ 670 thousand. This car is only produced as much as 399 units and prices will continue to rise when the collision occurred.

7. Jaguar XJ220
Cars with the Jaguar brand is able to run up to 217 mph (347.2 km / hr). 60 mph acceleration in 3.8 seconds from the still position. Jaguar XJ220 motorized Twin Turbo V6 with 542 hp. Banderole car U.S. $ 650 thousand. Although made in 1992, the car can still fit in the list of fastest car period 2009-2010.

8. Pagani Zonda F
This unique car's maximum speed 215 mph (344 km / hr). Speed of 60 mph applied in 3.5 seconds, and motorized Mercedes Benz M180 V12 with 650 HP. Cars made in Italy is worth U.S. $ 667,321.

9. Lamborghini Murcielago LP640
Lamborghini type this maximum speed 211 mph (340.8 km / hr). Speeds reached 60 mph in 3.3 seconds from the position of the still, and motorized V12 with 640 hp. Cars with the artistic design of this fine and valued U.S. $ 430 thousand.

10. Porsche Carrera GT
Porsche Carrera GT has a maximum speed of 205 mph (334.4 km / hr). From the position of the still, the speed reached 60 mph in 3.9 seconds and motorized Water cooled V10 with 612 HP. The price of U.S. $ 440 thousand.

(ZAQ /
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