Friday, June 19, 2009

Honda Insight 2010 Competitor of Prius 2009

Tokyo: Honda car manufacturer eventually participate in the hybrid vehicle business. With only install the power source in hybrid car according to the usual Honda is not interesting. If the car you want to serious business in hybrid car, the better the view, if the vehicle will be thrown to the consumer must also be seen about the identity of the hybrid car. Significantly, Honda All New Insight can be duplicates of the first hybrid Toyota Prius in 2009.

2010 Honda Insight has a dimension smaller Prius instead. Indeed, it has no added value so important. For example, the cabin space is limited. However, the weight of the vehicle into a little added value, drivers can control the car more sprightly.

Nevertheless, the features of safety standards remains. In addition, the navigation system can be arranged and has bluetooth capability. This also can be seen with the equipment of the seven teeth is made in the acceleration and constant variable automatic transmission (CVT).

Honda Insight directly compete with the new Toyota Prius in 2009. However, both characters have a different engine. A simple example, the difference in fuel consumption for the Insight in and out of town 40/43 miles per gallon. While the Prius has a more sigifikan value, ie, more economical 48/45 miles per gallon. Honda seems to remain confident the car will sell fast, but simple.

Competition may want to do that Honda is in terms of price. With the Insight was launched, customers were given the option between the two cars using hybrid technology that is almost the same. How not, banderole Insight 2010 only U $ 19,800, compare with the Prius in 2099 that cost U $ 23,375.

Insight in the present configuration in 2010: four-door, five-passenger seating. One source of energy available: the combination of the 1.3 liter engine, 88 horsepower, combined with the four-cylinder gasoline engine and parallel electric wall 10 kilowatt, 13 horsepower, and direct electric current (DC). Locomotion in the front wheels through a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). Two of the three models offered, the acceleration of the wheels have managed computer, with a seven-speed transmission and manual gear simulation. Basic model with standard CVT is very efficient and competent. (ANS / NewCarTestDrive / Yahoo!)
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Rossi replica bike, on sale soon

London: You fans of Valentino Rossi? Even you want to use a motorcycle race owned Rossi? Not to worry, briefly, the intention that you will fulfilled. Upcoming month of July, immediately Yamaha, sell replica motor Valentino Rossi, YZF-R125. However, the sale of motor is only limited in England.

Rossi replica bike, this model of composition and color exactly, with the Fiat Yamaha YZR-M1, which is always used the MotoGP world champion. Currently, the price has not been determined but will be announced Yamaha England at the time of launch. But there is leakage, it is estimated that motor akan dijual 2999 Pounds Sterling.

YZR-M1 strength including motor 800 cc, Yamaha developed for MotoGP racing. Motor is a development of Yamaha YZR500. (Motorcyclenews)
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