Sunday, June 14, 2009

SUV Super from Stuttgart

Stuttgart: GEMBALLA Automobiltechnik GmbH & Co.KG developed a super car for the family with the basic concept sport utility vehicle (SUV). The result, called a super SUV Gemballa Tornado GTS 750.

Development results, the car factory in Leonberg, near Stuttgart, Germany is very strong and sporty. Only a few visible differences between the Gemballa Tornado GTS 750 with the car Porsche Cayenne Turbo. Model is not much different from the primary Porsche product. Can be spelled out, target those who want to reach engineers in GEMBALLA want to dismiss the impression conventional SUVs and more to the sport with the strength of the car 750 horse power.

This is done to meet the market demand that requires a car with sport performance you a cabin with a roomy size SUV the withdrawal. For 25 years of experience producing products with innovative capital base car Porsche sport help develop the car. This car sold for 400 thousand Euro. (AND)
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Specification sophisticated Sixth Generation Z Series

NISSAN FairLady renowned as one of the sport car with good ability. Nissan also always upgrade the product. Original Japanese manufacturer Nissan 307z is issued as a successor. This car is a sixth generation of the property Nissan Z series.

Nissan 307z announced on 2 February. Cars that released its plan to market price in the range GBP 26,895 (approximately Rp 436 million). Not without reason if Nissan put the price at that. The car also dijuluki z FairLady indeed have sophisticated specifications.

Some of the advantages is the Nissan 307z with audio sound prime, automatic xenon front lights, airbag, and bluetooth for handsfree phone connection. Nissan 307z released in two variants, edition of sport and navigation.

Edition sport variant is designed in two types. That is, the type and regular touring. If you choose the type of touring, will get a set of tools specific to travel far in the car.

Special devices such as seat bertipe car racing. There are also 8-speaker Bose audio system for the sense of drowsiness. Integrated XM satellite radio also. Velg sized 18-inch integrated car at Nissan. Velg with the size of that, no wonder if 307z sport car labeled as elegant.

Nissan 307z with a machine-type 3.7 liter VVEL (variable valve event and lift). This machine is able to improve lap 331 PS and 366 Nm. This machine is also used Infiniti G37 coupe. Function, providing additional power to 7500 rpm. Interested? This new Nissan will be issued in the July future.

Sport edition has been equipped with special specifications. Among other things, ban measuring 19 inches to show the sporty impression. Tire manufacturer Bridgestone is selected.

Views inverted proportionate obtained when selecting Nissan 307z edition Navigation Package. In accordance with the type, this type of computer equipped with a sail touch output XM NavTraffic. Computer is equipped with real time traffic information.
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Mercedes Develop External airbag

London: AirBag assessed at this time was sufficient to protect the head, chest, knee and passenger cars. However, the current Mercedes-Benz has developed an external airbag. Airbag is placed in the front of the car. Later, as the airbag is enabled anchors on the surface so that the road speed braking.

As The Telegraph made recently, braking system with the airbag, and can be installed in all new generation of Mercedes in the last seven years. Currently, the system is being tested in the Mercedes S-Class hybrid-based ESV (experimental vehicle security) in 2009.

This program can only work during the emergency braking cause collision with the vehicle or obstruction in front of the car. Cars will be protected by aluminum, and rubber that act as a carbon fiber shield. Airbag will increase the maximum 1g of braking on a dry surface to about 2g, so to prevent a severe accident.
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